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Criteria for Home Health Services:

Specifically, persons who are referred for home health, home medical equipment, and hospice services must meet the following criteria, regardless of payers source:

  • Patients’ clinical needs must be able to be met in their homes.
  • Patients must either be able to care for themselves or they must have a paid or voluntary caregiver available to meet their needs in between visits from professional staff.
  • Patients’ home environments must support home health services. 
In other words, some patients are not appropriate for home health, home medical equipment, or hospice services.

Ask your parents the following questions.
1.  Have you been hospitalized more than once in the past year?
2.  Are you on a new or changed dose of medication?
3.  Are you 65 or older and living alone?
4.  Have you had a recent discharge from the hospital with a pacemaker, defibrillator, walker, oxygen tank, open wound or IV antibiotic?
5.  Are you confused or forgetful?
6.  Do you have a history of falls or accidents?
7.  Are you a recent widow/er or significant other recently die?
8.  Are you taking more than five medications?
9.  Are you housebound and unable to get to therapy sessions?
10. Are you recovering from surgery, hip or knee replacement?

If the answer is "yes " to any of the above they may be qualified for Home Health Services. Home Health Services maybe paid by Medicare funds are limited to intermittent visits and do not replace daily regular care.

Does Your Parent's New Home Accept Pets?

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Busy at Work

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Sandwich Generation

If you have an elderly parent and young children...
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